Industry-Academia Liaison Center

The Industry-Academia Liaison Center acts as a bridge between HungKuang University and industry. The purpose of the Center is to integrate the research resources and teachers’ expertise of HungKuang University into the industry for promoting innovative technology and interdisciplinary research and improving the feasibility of commercialization of research.

The responsibilities of the Center are as follows:

  1. Established a resource matching platform for effectively using internal research results and resources to enhance industrial science and technology capabilities and cultivate cross-field innovative talents.
  2. Integrating the energy related to research and development to promote academia-industry collaboration.
  3. The Center offers various services, such as mentoring potential cases, joint projects between industry, government and academia, talent matching, and academia-industry linkage.
  4. Exploring and evaluating the potential research and development capabilities of HungKuang University and Promoting technology transfer and commercialization.
  5. Link professional teachers and assist in the establishment of a distinctive interdisciplinary research team, and assist in its operation and development goals.